The world of video games is plagued with high-end shooters, hardcore simulations, MMORPGs’, and countless platformers. Each of these classifications is getting tremendous exposure except for boxing action.

Independent developer Goodhustle Studios is tapering that gap with its release of Beast Boxing Turbo for the PC consumers. If you haven’t noticed, this is a complete overhaul of the iPhone version, which was released in 2010.

In its transition to the mainstream PC, gamers are treated to a number of cool content, a vastly improved gear collection and a brilliant fighting system. The game is quite addicting and there is a lot to accomplish with its completely redesigned storyline.

You play a secret human boxer in a beastly world. to make the competition more intriguing, you are an outmuscled, undersized female fighter in a pitiful disguise. Needless to say, your measly physical appearance is the least of your worries as you climb to the top of the legendary boxing leagues of Beasthalla.

What you should worry about is how you are going to survive a round against a monstrous opponent. Sure, the first five matches maybe considered a child’s play but in the succeeding stages, you’re in for a facial reconstruction!

The game relies on three critical meters to make its fighting feature intense and skill-dependent – that is power, guard, and special.

With the power meter, your health is drained by either punching your opponent or getting punched back. When it is depleted, you’ll become sluggish and be open for a substantial damage until it has filled up again.

So don’t be a bird-brain bent on smashing buttons; play a smart role. The guard meter allows for contextual tips, telling you whether you should avoid or go for an attack.

The special bar, on the other hand, builds up when you deliver a successful hit, but resets to zero if you run out of energy or take a hit. Once your special bar is maxed out, your fists will ignite.

For a short period of time, you have infinite energy and can unleash massive damage to your opponent. What makes Beast Boxing Turbo especially great is its amazing combat system. The game manages to keep each bout feel different from the last one.

The various styles and special moves gunned by your opponents mash up well, providing an engaging risk-versus-reward experience. You’re not always going to land that awesome KO, much less win a match against stronger opponent.

But the consolation prize for losing will help you become better fitted in the next fight. Speaking of rewards, you are given cash for each successful bout, which then can be used towards boosting your performance attributes.

You also unlock new tutorials that showcase additional techniques that you can pick up, which will come rather handy at later stages that are seemingly brutal and unbelievably unforgiving.

The game features a lot of depth despite the lack of a multiplayer option. The only content available besides the main campaign is the “Endless” mode, which pits your base character against all of the monsters in a one-rounder, survival-of-the-fittest marathon.

In the graphics department, don’t expect any super high-definition visuals here like in Battlefield 3 or Black Ops II. But what you can expect is a fantastic art style and superb animations.

The developer did a good job with the monster designs, variety of stages, including the action sequence that makes each fight grueling and an eventful one.

What’s more is that the crafty sounds effects provide the driving force for that ultimate knockout! Beast Boxing Turbo is a great first-person action title. It strikes a good balance between being fun and challenging.

The controls are easy to learn and it supports an Xbox 360 controller so that you can get a better grip of the game’s frantic matches. The action is fast-paced and it offers plenty of gear enhancements for you to romp up your performance.

While there is no online experience to be had, the artistic styles and the intense fighting sequence all come together to deliver a satisfying boxing experience.

More importantly, it is the rhythm between crafty steps and savvy approach that give Beast Boxing Turbo its lasting impression. A definite must-have for modern arcade fans!