Metal Slug, Contra, and Hard Corps Uprising meshed together is what we would describe Blazing Chrome. Indie dev Joymasher has taken the best in platform shooters of that era had to offer and made bullet hell great again! The first time we launched Blazing Chrome, the game took us way back into our rambunctious years.

The gameplay felt like we were sitting once again in front of our 16-bit Super NES console. We had a great blast playing it. And at the same time, the experience brought a lot of nostalgic moments, playing co-op with buddies from our run-and-gun glory days.

It’s easy to correlate that the story behind Blazing Chrome is anything but a tribute to the blockbuster titles of the 90’s, an era that was pretty big on alien invasion and machine domination.

Since the game runs on that 90’s creed where the human race is facing extinction, it’s down to the last resistance – Mavra, Doyle and two other characters – to avert a complete AI takeover. The main two aspects we like about Blazing Chrome: the over-the-top combat and the level of varieties in the gameplay mechanics.

We never had to face the same battles twice throughout its six brutal levels since the game has kept the action moving fast! One minute, we would be fighting with our speedy hoverbikes; then the next minute we would be in a ridiculous tunnel showdown.

One thing for certain is that Blazing Chrome is tough! The screen is plagued with never-ending robots and aliens. The action is relentlessly challenging us to keep our shooting proficiency in check. But what we have learned to score a triumphant mission is to sustain the right weapon on a particular stage.

While some levels may feel like unforgiving at times, the game offers those who continue to struggle a “delicate checkpoint”. Meaning, if you insomuch as overly dies at any given point, you will only have to start from the most recent section of the stage.

With respect to graphics and presentation, there is no denying the game is completely old-school. But just to elaborate on the visual components, there is a lot of effort made to get that retro look to stay that way. Joymasher has ramped up the sprites and scaling to be the best iconic platform shooter for today’s run-and-gun players.

The controls are remarkably smooth and the 80’s music is really catchy! Blazing Chrome is the closest we’ll have to scratching that old Contra itch because Konami doesn’t make this kind of games anymore. Since Blazing Chrome is a throwback to arcade shooters, Metal Slug and Contra fans will certainly feel right at home.

The only gripe we have about it is the lack of online coop – beyond that, it’s a fun shooter with lots of varieties in stage combat. Blazing Chrome might be old-school but your level succession still boils down to pure skills. Joymasher modern take on Metal Slug and Contra turns out to be better than the classics.