Paradox Interactive has revealed the first-ever trailer with in-game footage for upcoming transportation simulator Cities in Motion 2, the follow-up to the inaugural title from 2011. The game will give players full control of their own transit empire as they utilize a wide variety of transportations to create the most effective transit system possible. Besides a bus load of new features, including day and night cycles and multiplayer modes, Cities in Motion 2 is also introducing dynamic cities.
As you build your empire, urban sprawl will expand or depreciate based on the affordability of transit and the needs of each unique city’s inhabitants. From the scheduling of timetables to the adjustment of fares, transportation enthusiasts will be able to tweak a wide variety of options to provide for the demands of their population. Just remember: if transit is running late, you have no one to blame but yourself.  Get a breathtaking view of Cities in Motion 2 by checking out the video below.