Remedy Entertainment, the powerhouse behind the famous Max Payne and Alan Wake, brings back a classic top-down racer into the 21th Century, emphasizing on bigger explosion, deadlier weapons, and outrageous multiplayer mayhem!

Death Rally is the name of the game, fitted for a short burst of entertainment, which mostly targets the casual masses. While it does not have a higher visual capacity, it comes with an excellent gameplay. You shoot, smash, and slay any road-huggers that happen to be in your way.

One of the biggest improvements from the original is the weapon system. Death Rally has an impressive array of unlockable armaments, which include Shotgun, Gatling, Sniper, Flame Thrower, Missile, and a multi-heat seeker called Striker. Once you upgrade these weapons to level 9, they become incredibly cheap to use.

To make racing more interesting, the course is rigged with random boxes. When you blast them open, you can snatch all kinds of power-ups like turbo or extra ammunition, giving you a momentary extra edge on the competition.

You also pick up mechanical parts along the way, which can unlock other monster vehicles and new weapons. The reward points you get at the finish line depends on your performance.

The accrued points go toward car repairs and upgrade to your speed, handling, and armor. Whatever points that remain during the upgrades carry over to your fame meter.

Besides power-ups and the weapons already mentioned, you can equip your vehicle with special add-ons that can turn the tide of the race; it can range from attaching powerful bumpers to gaining the ability to deploy multiple land mines.

The greatly heightened combat system is the main catalyst of Death Rally. It has been expanded to offer better player control and great camera angles to capture those dramatic finishes. The courses feature decent details and varied terrain to keep the excitement going.

The race comes with different scenarios, including the sandy Oasis, the old Refinery, the icy Eureka, and the modern-day Velodrama just to name a few. The best part of the game’s presentation is the use of particle effects such as smoke and dust, which look crisp and sharp.

The sound effects, on the other hand, are nice and loud, particularly when the engines are roaring. The music is somewhat subdued; there isn’t much catchy beat to it and is missing a lot of suspense. It also lacks voice-overs in the background for colorful commentaries.

The single-player mode is pretty straight-forward. There is an interesting storyline going for it where you play as the sheriff’s snitch, competing in underground circuits to try to lure out “The Adversary” so that he can be brought to justice.

While the single-player mode offers some amusement, the real excitement begins in the multiplayer mode. Hell breaks loose when your buddies join in the carnage!

Sometimes you don’t even notice the time because of the chaos and the adrenaline charge related to each rally. As the competitive nature just takes over, you either win it all or you crash and burn! Too bad, you cannot attach more than one weapon to your vehicle – that would make this game even deadlier!

Needless to say, Death Rally is a memorable arcade experience and has premium fireworks written all over it. If you’re gripping for a joy ride bent on one way ticket to hell, then this game is your dream come true.