Inspired by NBA Jam, NBA Street and beat em ups of the 90’s, Dunk Lords is an over-the-top arcade street ball for 1-4 players. Players can choose from 16 of the toughest ballers around, each with unique special attacks and abilities. Typically, the character selection screen is comprised of human, but in Dunk Lords, you also get to pick a monster, a mutated tomato, a superhuman, and a humanoid bear! Like the classic NBA Jam, the game features a variety of hazard-filled courts. Dunk Lords goes further with the gameplay besides being able to perform devastating dunks. Players can dish uppercuts if they want to go for a steal or someone tries to dunk on them! Players can also earn money and spend it on upgrades like gloves, shoes, armor and other abilities – between breaks. Dunk Lords is trying to evolve as an arcade basketball to keep it from becoming repetitive by including a story mode that can be played with a friend. While it doesn’t have the NBA license, it has a badass bear and is the only game that will let you dunk from the three-point line! Dunk Lords is set for a late 2019 release.