Final Crash is an upcoming arcade beat-em-up from AGAR. The game style is similar to two of the classic brawlers, Streets of Rage and Final Fight series. We have had a chance to check its demo copy and so far, we are somewhat impressed with the fighting mechanics for all its characters. The gameplay is definitely old-school but the graphics are anything but. The textures are sharp and the colors are bright, giving Final Crash a very sprightly look for today’s modern PC hardware. The demo has allowed us to play one level, a stage full of brick-mortar buildings with cool neon lights on the side. It also has some nice fog effects to give the street that amazing night time vibe. The combat system is good but there is no instruction or illustration to do other fighting moves such as back-dash, parry, blocking, and cross-ups to name a few. The released date is yet to be determined but we’ll keep an eye out.