Gas Guzzlers Extreme is a type of vehicular combat game that is rarely seen these days. The ones that had been published in recent years fell short of the dramatic flair to sustain players’ interest. This was largely because the gameplay had been too “cheesy” for modern arcade fans, particularly those into cars with big guns!

It was no surprise that many racing veterans had to pass up on subsequent vehicular combat games. Who can blame these players for not being enthused into another combat racer when they had been beaten up with crappy Twisted Metal-style clones all these years?

Needless to say, Gas Guzzlers Extreme has managed to capture our interest. Part of its appeal is that it is absolutely brazen with its destructive prowess through very fluid and some incredibly spectacular visual effects! In the art of vehicular combat such as Gas Guzzlers Extreme, players only need two important things: point and shoot.

This game delivers this experience with such gratifying infernos that you don’t want to stop playing! One of the cool aspects that we like about this game is that it keeps things simple; there is neither a dragging side-story mission to complete nor a lingering sci-fi drama such as killing an alien boss or hordes of zombies to get to the next level.

The game is all about kill or be killed mayhem. It’s just you and just blowing up whatever resilient semi-tanks get in your way. By semi-tanks, we mean crazy-looking muscle cars riddled with sponsor templates on the outside; but on the inside, they are built for an apocalyptic purpose – for no vehicle should go out in battlefield without tools of the trade.

The weapon collection includes shotguns, machines guns, mines, grenade launchers, a variety of smoke screens and everything in between. Gas Guzzlers sticks to a simplistic control that is very easy to pick up. You have only two fire buttons to deal with – primary and secondary.

The primary lets you shoot bullets from the front and the back. The secondary gives you the ability to unleash the special weapon you are holding. As far as physics go, Gas Guzzlers Extreme runs along the mechanics of Motorstorm for the Playstation 3.

It is where you experience different weight class in which the heavy cars feel slower to drive while the lighter ones feel somewhat fast and drifty. In the graphics department, the game offers a doze of sense-heightening elements, featuring an impressive set of high-speed sequences that are fulfilled by amazing bass-heavy fireworks and eye-shattering debris.

Upgrading your combat car here is quite fun because there is no need for complex car tuning. You’ll do a series of races, which will provide you cash for bodywork upgrades, upping your nitrous system, installing killer engine parts, and lots of firepower!

The gameplay itself is certainly engaging where you collect damage amplifiers and weapon refills to be used tactically against your opponents for a dramatic win at the finish line. While the offline content is pretty decent, the most exciting part of the game is online. Gas Guzzlers Extreme captures the intensity of a death match and several varieties of races that you won’t get against computer AI.

The game delivers a lot of the missing action when the vehicle combat genre was first invented. This is just pure racing carnage with lots of “booming” effects that make you go for another round of mayhem. Both offline and online experience are quite addicting; it’s easy to pick up thanks to its simple learning curve.

This is the core of what arcade combat racer should be, which is to appeal to those casual gaming masses. This is definitely a great gas guzzling game minus the effect of paying the high price for today’s gas.