Ghostbusters, one of the blockbuster movies in the late 80’s and early 90’s, has finally received a well-deserved translation for the video game industry. And the party that stepped up to lead the cult classic into its modern restoration is Terminal Reality. At its core, Ghostbusters: The Video Game is fun, nostalgic piece of action that remains faithful to the theatrical release. It’s an addicting sci-fi shooter that gets you all hyped up in its ever-shifting ghost-hunting missions while it tries to immerse you with its cleverly engaging storylines. The combination of lighthearted humor and incredible gameplay make for some enjoyable moments, which should keep FPS fans who dig some science fiction adventure in good cheer for awhile.

You play as a nameless rookie joining the ghostbusting division. In each level, you’ll be introduced to various ways of handling your equipments. As you battle against hordes of supernatural, it’s nice to know that you’ll be packing your own heat, hot enough to melt away a walking puff marshmallow man. You’ll be equipped with a (proton) pack, which consists of four types of shots: proton stream, shock blast, meson collider, and a weapon that shoots green goo. Among the four firing modes, you’ll be using the proton stream the most. What’s nice about the proton stream is that it comes with two abilities – one is the ability to capture weakened ghost and two is the ability to emit strong blast of energy called boson dart. With the shock blast, you’ll be blasting away paranormals much like a shotgun would, and this type of weapon includes a statis stream that lets you slow some enemies down.

The meson collider is another formidable arsenal to be reckoned with. It allows you to latch a homing beacon onto unsuspecting ghosts and take them out with rapid-fire beams. In some ways, it is a cruel auto-targeting system, which provides those trigger-happy people room to “impose their will”. The most handiest tool of the proton pack is the type that shoots green goo. Sure, it doesn’t look substantially terroristic but rest assured it can skillfully trap grisly adversaries as well as help solve a number of ghoulish puzzles. As you can see, you have a very interesting collection of weapons at your disposal. At times, you might find yourself firing the same type of arsenal repetitive; however, this is not so much as a monotonous labor when you consider weakening and trapping your enemies is the most enjoyable activity in the game.

Your job with the Ghostbusters team will take you through a variety of intimidating environments including cemeteries, museum, libraries, and other worldly dimensions. You’ll go up against some very interesting and creepy bosses. Most of your encounters with the supernatural don’t require a lot of creative thinking but don’t under estimate the little buggers, such as the possessed wall lamps for example; they are very mean and will put up a fight! Even if you slam them to the ground multiple times to get them dazed, they get can still break away from the trap’s capture beam. Nevertheless, when there is more than one Ghostbusters deal with the same enemy, the process of trapping ghouls and ghosts becomes effortless. It’s an aspect of the game that exploits seamless teamwork and Ghostbusters does an incredible job of making it happen, as opposed to other FPS games where they leave you struggling.

The Ghostbusters’ gameplay mechanics surprisingly works well; it’s easy to pick up but hard to master. There are times when you’re never quite in control hauling in a vexatious soul, and yet the whole experience feels satisfyingly realistic. The best way to describe the action is to put oneself in an extreme case of fly fishing, trying to reel in a large-moving sea urchin. Though repetitious, weakening and trapping ghosts are the game’s pinnacle of excitement in activity. Each succeeding chapter brings in a handful of suspenseful moments as you solve New York’s ever-growing pesky supernatural invasion. With the ability to purchase pack upgrades, the task of ghost busting makes it a lot simpler. One of the power-ups will even have you slam-dunk ghosts into a trap, a quick and remarkable way of subjugating the disturbance.

The amazing presentation nails down the Ghostbusters vibe. You’ll wander through uncanny landmarks filled with creepy backdrops, the darker side of New York you rarely get to see. You’ll face a variety of disgruntled spirits, otherworldly monsters, and terrific-looking bosses. It’s nice to know that the game has included destructible environment. The structure crumbles around you as you chase away New York’s lose canons. Property damage is highly unavoidable in this game, but it’s amusing to see how much demolition you can leave behind for the city to repair it. Like the presentation, the audio component plays along well with the action sequences. From the strange whispers in an empty hallway to the heavy discord of slamming a ghost into the trap, the sound effects are fantastic!

So far, Terminal Reality’s interpretation of Ghostbusters for the Xbox 360 has impressed us in several ways. The developer did a good job of nailing down many of the movie’s encore experiences: being able to strap down your proton packs and racking up ghosts that terrorize the citizens of New York. While the action itself doesn’t offer much variety, the destructible environment, intermittent puzzle-solving, and a whole slew of creepy designs will keep you on your toes. In addition, the tag of war encountered during a boss battle never gets old; in fact that’s the pinnacle of the game’s exhilarating activity! And that level of intensity is maintained throughout your missions. If you want a worthy FPS title that’s within the realm of supernatural poise, think Ghostbusters. This is hands-down the best Ghostbusters video game to date!