Arcade machines were a huge hit in the 1990’s! It was no coincidence that the malls were swarming with young people, playing just about every arcade game that was there. Our two top favorites beat ’em ups at that time were Final Fight and Captain Commando. We spent many weekends practically broke in smashing the buttons of these coin munchers without end. So when we heard about Capcom bringing out a beat ‘em up bundle, we just could not wait to jump on the chance for some badly needed couch co-op! In this collection, you’ve got seven incredible titles to choose from, which include Captain Commando, Final Fight, Knights of the Round, The King of Dragons, Armored Warrior, Battle Circuit, and Warriors of Fate.

The games play nearly as their arcade counterparts. The controls are smooth and respond well. The buttons consist of attack, jump, and special moves, which can also be reconfigured to fit your fighting style. The content includes local co-ops as well as an online mode with the choice to change the number of lives, continues, and difficulty levels. There is also a save option, in case you wanted to go back to a particular section. In terms of combat, we have no frame rate issues except when playing online. The lags are obvious during cooperative missions, which can be forgivable considering how internet speed vary between regions. The only gripe we have playing online is finding people in the lobby to get a team going.

The graphics are good for its time but don’t expect high-end visuals here because we are talking about an era before smartphone was invented! Still, these games would have shined a bit more if an alternate layout was available – a higher resolution, widescreen support, or some cool scanlines for example. In the audio department, the sounds are quite good! Every punch that connects has a decent weight to it. The retro music provides an upbeat energy that brings about fond memories of the good old days. What’s more is that this bundle features a gallery that showcase behind the scenes history of Capcom’s legendary arcade machines through concept art, character profiles, and various design sketchess.

While some might say these games are just another reskin of the past versions wrapped in a nicer package; for us, it’s the rekindling of those precious childhood memories! But more importantly, it is the nostalgia of a good old beat ‘em up that we experienced as teens. Part of the reasons these classics are alive today is because of its accessibility and simplicity! The fighting mechanics are faily straightforward and do not require complex instructions to pull off a big move. What’s even more appealing is the opportunity to team up to three players on the screen at the same time. Granted, the graphics are not going to win a gold medal by today’s standard, but this is a very rare trinket, a timeless side-scroller preserved for fans of fighting genre. Capcom has done a brilliant job bringing the classic era of arcade action to the modern stage. There is no doubt that we are going to be racking up tons of hours on this one!