15 Years of Success in Media Publishing!

The Architect Behind the Successful Gaming Magazine

He is the one of the co-founders of HOTWIRE3D.COM. He had started this gaming magazine in 2004. Since then, it has become a leading source of digtial content in next generation gaming. He had worked as an associate editor for different magazine publications before deciding to learn web design and coding. His new talent in design and coding has led to a brilliant career when he had used his editorial background to write about video games.

As a long-time editor, he has given the gaming community the greatest edge on video games, expert tips that mainstream players can trust. But this knowledge would have not been realized if not for the support of his friends and family to turn this website into a top-notch media publication today. When he is not writing about games or managing the website, his other professions are photography and film-making. Though many other activities can take up his time, he continues to deliver the best gaming coverage in the video games industry.