The original GRID (2008 version) was great. The second one was okay, too, although it was more of a racing simulation than the original one. The third release came to be known as GRID Autosport, which attempted to bring back the “balance” that was inherent to the original but it ultimately failed to create that experience. So in order to meet that “original” standard, Codemasters had to take a refresher course and the result was the release of GRID 2019 (or just GRID). This new GRID starts off well in the racing department. It has great control and amazing visuals! The game has you driving off in various disciplines and in different classes of car before bringing you to the main menu. The career mode is probably where you are going to have the most action since the multiplayer aspect is practically dead.

Choosing your races in career mode have never been easier. The list of events are all visible in one scrollable screen. The best part is that all crucial content is unlocked including cars and tracks. The problem, however, is that the number of locations are limited. That said, they do not carry enough diversity – such as Le Mans, Derby or Touge – to make racing an upbeat experience or at least make it an interesting one. The races are short, which is good because anything longer than three laps tend to get repetitive and strangulate the fun. The handling portion is great and the new nemesis mechanics provide some sort of rivalries between you and other professional drivers. Sadly, the AI still needs some more work as computer-controlled opponents are too often impossible to beat at the medium difficulty.  

Codemasters has added a new feature called Teams. You can hire a team mate but it doesn’t add anything special other than to show up as part of a race result on the menu. There is no team sponsors or team liveries whatsoever! Despite these shortcomings, the new GRID is actually a solid racing game. It has great graphics, good sounds, and tight controls. It just did not live up to the original version due to lack of car selection, vibrant tracks and bad AI.  The original GRID had a sense of progression – I just didn’t feel it here. The original also had an incredible reward system; in this game, I feel like I was just grinding for points. Nevertheless, I still had some fun with my career because I like driving those nice cars that I can’t afford. Since my time is precious, I like how the races are pretty short; it gives me enough buzz to get my need for speed fix. For those who are considering buying this game, GRID is DX12 only, which means that it will only work on Windows 10 with GPU’s running DX11 and up!