As the 2019 NBA Season hits prime time, basketball fans are ready for another shot at their own NBA stardom – whatever gaming system that maybe. Last year, 2K fans were disappointed with the lack of changes to NBA 2K19. The community felt that the developers had neglected the frustrations of players and that they were being robbed of their wallets. So the questions now remain: Will the new 2K20 be just another disappointment?  Or will 2K20 finally satisfy the changes that fans look for? Here is our verdict. The good news is that the core gameplay is great and probably the best it has been in years! The bad news is that NBA 2K20 is plagued with bugs – the same annoying bugs that supposedly had been addressed five years ago! The game seriously needs a quality control before hitting the streets.

The graphics are showing its age and could use a new engine. And the worst part is that the game seems to focus more on pay-to-play mechanics rather than real basketball experience! The game charges you an arm and a leg for VC (Virtual Currency) just to get your main guy (or custom baller) to reach at least above average attributes. The connection to multiplayer is so terrible that it affects your shooting scenarios. For example, you may have 90% shooting in three-pointer but that skills do not reflect in competition when the game lags too much online; you’ll just miss the easy shots one after another. On the positive note, NBA 2K20 has some great animation from facial expressions to stylish crossovers. There are at least a hundred of these motion captures, which provide amazing details for you to see during on-court cutscenes. The game has enormous content and potential but sadly, the up-kept gameplay and fancy animation alone aren’t enough to overlook the bugs to make this game favorable.