Overcrowd: A Commute Em Up is an upcoming tactical management simulation set on the metro of bustling city Lubdon Town. It offers a unique mix of spatial puzzling, strategic thinking and split-second choices. To keep things on track, you will excavate at least 4 layers of earth, design your layout with a wide range of equipment and plot commuter routes by placing user-defined directional signs. You’ll need to assemble a construction team and give them power tools to build and run your station in real time. To keep your employees levelled, you must set priorities and give them schedule breaks. Make sure to keep your staff room well stocked so that everyone is happy. It’s a good thing that the game has Sandbox mode. This gives you the room to define everything from money, staff, map size and win/lose states.

Commuters have needs, just like you and me. The hazards of a badly run station – delays, heat, dirt, rats – will affect their state of mind and your station reputation. Beware hoodlums and pickpockets who will try to derail your operation! Everything from bin emptying, generator refueling, power, litter collection, heat, commuter AI, shop prices, stock and staff activities are simulated down to the individual level. The huge range of interacting systems gives scope for emergent and unpredictable gameplay. The game runs on procedural campaign where you will need to return to past stations when you have more resources to try to earn that full 5 star rating! Decisions to procure more tech and hire staff will also affect the way you earn those stars. Nevertheless, you can make the game as easy, as hard or as creative as you want.