Privacy is one of the major concerns on the internet because many business have taken advantage of the huge amount of personal information collected on their websites, and have either sold or shared this data to other entities without their visitors’ consent. Since our website does not run advertisements for capital gains or require visitors to have paid memberships, there is no reason for us to collect any data. Our website is clean and free of pop-ups that can distract our loyal readers from maximizing their browsing experience.

With regards to our partners who happen to link to our website, we do not manage, operate, control or have access to their data collection. Therefore, when you visit their domain, you are subjected to their own privacy policy. This also applies for social media on external links. Our main focus is to provide our gaming audience with informed decisions through direct content. We do not require storing, trading or selling data to third-parties just so we can maintain our services, or expand our media coverage based on public demand. Also, the cookie collected during your visit on our website includes no personal data for us to store, collect or analyze.

Last Revision: January 2020