Solar Purge Sparks as Great Co-op Twin-Stick Shooter
Expected to be Released in Q4 2019

Solar Purge is an upcoming twin-stick shooter that combines bullet hell and action RPG, which sounds like a new gaming genre in itself! The main gameplay revolves around lots of action, obviously – as you destroy everything in your path using various weapons and abilities. The story is simple: annaliate Nova Genesis and discover the secrets to its ancient past. The game includes a campaing mode, which allows you to play through the story, and Holo Chamber, which lets you jump straight into the action in procedurally generated missions!

There are four playable character classes. The first one is Engineer, which provides tech, tools, and healing support for your squad. The second one is called Juggernaut, which uses shields and defensive skills to keep your enemies at bay. The third one is Stryker, which handles the heavy firepower in shooting down who opposes you! The last one is an Assassin, which sneak behind enemies and attacks quickly and powerfully! In terms of skills and upgrades, killing enemies will bring in new weapons and loot. What we’re really excited about Solar Purge is the ability to play up to four players couch co-op in any campaign and procedural missions! This game is being tagged as intense violence so expect tons of blood and gore.