Originally developed by Project Soul, the Soul Calibur series took off in 1998, a 3D fighting game that involved fantasy weapons. The story revolves around a legendary sword known as Soul Calibur that counteracts against the evil of Soul Edge, which is a mythical weapon that takes over frail souls. Soul Calibur VI retells the story about a notorious pirate known as Cervantes, who has brought Soul Edge back to life when he had claimed the sword as his own. With darkness running through his body, Soul Edge would be split into two. The evil in Soul Edge gives Cervantes the power to reign terror throughout the 16th century – but he would eventually be usurped by a female warrior named Sophitia who was able to shatter one of the two swords. The shards from Soul Edge would mortally injure Sophitia and that gives Cervantes the chance to finish her off. Just in time, Sophitia gets rescued by a female ninja named Taki. It would be Taki that puts an end to Cervantes’ villainous reign.

The other Soul Edge never gets destroyed as it would fall into the hands of a deranged knight named Siegfried who would become its master. Through him, catastrophe would persist across the world; that’s where Soul Calibur VI picks up on the story and sets the course in epic battles for the resurgence of humanity. So far, the original gameplay remains largely intact. Old players will easily get used to the series’ combo system while newcomers will enjoy the flashy combat on weapons clashing. With the new soul gauge system, the Soul Calibur franchise feels like a breath of fresh air, running through its fighting mechanics. The game also features a new mode called Libra of Souls. It plays like secondary story mission that’s specially designed for custom-built characters, where different actions have rippling effect on how the story unfolds. It’s fun and a nice diversion being able to carve a new path of destiny besides the tradition of Soul Chronicles, which only focuses on stories of the main characters.

The strongest point of Soul Calibur VI is its character creation; it adds another layer of content in the roster selection process. This is a huge boost for those looking to diversify their personalities! From amazing outfit to various abilities that characters can use, the game has got you covered. Graphically, the game is as impressive as ever! The fighters themselves are nicely detailed and the fighting arenas look incredibly polished. The sounds give an impression that each character have great powers behind their weaponries. As a result, the action feels closer to home. One of the gripes of Soul Calibur VI is that the animation is not as fluid as the previous installment. Framerate would suddenly drop in many occasions preventing good combos from ever connecting. The other gripe is confusing button labels.

Fans of the SC series will be disappointed that the dialogues in the story mode did not come with better visuals – they are just wall of text. What’s more is that the fighter selection is few. Players must go through the paywall to access some of the fun characters. Besides unlocking new characters through DLC, the other items featured in the store seems to be old content, nothing dramatic. Despite these disappointments, Soul Calibur VI still captures the epitome of what weapon-based fighting should be. The game has enough progress to ensure rounds of quality swordplay. With a solid soul gauge system, amazing character creation and spectacular visuals, Soul Calibur VI will keep hardcore fans entertained until the next one.