Over the years, we have gone through playing different types of Dragon Ball games. But so far, Dragon Ball Xenoverse is the best Dragon Ball experience to date! What makes this game capture the hearts of many DBZ followers is the new twist on the old story, which features time travel and improvements to the way characters are being developed.

Fans of the Dragon Ball franchise know that there is only so many times a game can bank on the same epic battles and adventures until it starts to hit the dead end; but Xenoverse still manages to bring excitement and adrenaline rush to the franchise that only a true Dragon Ball enthusiast can appreciate.

Speaking of time, Xenoverse main storyline focuses in correcting key moments in Dragon Ball history that have been either altered or distorted. In a typical timeline, all villains are suppressed but since history is discorded, we are treated to the wrong account of events.

The bad guys are winning in their quest for world domination. Apparently, a mysterious force has been granting these villains the power to overthrow superheroes like Goku, Gohan, Yamcha, Krilin, and Picollo. Your mission is to travel through time and straighten out the anomalies that is causing disorder into Dragon Ball’s sagas.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse is a hybrid brawler when you combined MMO and RPG components into the game. One example that uses this fusion of hybridity is the ability to create a formidable hero. The mighty Shenron has granted Dragon Ball fans power to develop a tough, tenacious, bad-ass warrior as they see fit – along with a spectacle of skin varnish incorporated into his or her personality.

While developing your time-travelling hero, you have a choice of five different species: Majin, Namekians, Earthlings, Saiyans and Frieza. As you progress through the game, your character learns new skills, gains numerous fighting boosts, and reaps an impressive collection of accessories and uniforms that truly represent what Dragon Ball fan-fiction is made of.

In the gameplay department, Dragon Ball Xenoverse plays a bit like Dynasty Warriors and Ninety Nine Nights. It’s a simple and fun combo system that anyone can get into. The controls respond very quickly and it does not take more than four buttons to get the energy beam going against your competition.

Besides the understanding of basic attacks, it’s quite exciting to learn all of the series iconic moves: the Ki blast, the quick teleportation, bursting like a meteorite while flying, and of course, dishing out the ultimate finishers. The best part is that is when you’re doing these moves with your buddy.

That’s right, this game features cooperative mode; so if the tasks at hand are getting a bit challenging, summon a fellow warrior; combine your fighting wits together and restore time the traditional Kamehameha way! There are two type of missions you are going to be carrying out in Xenoverse: Time Patrols and Parallel Quests.

Time Patrol is where you’ll get the opportunity to try to put history back on track, while Parallel Quests are mini campaigns where you get to unlock additional skills and unique accessories for your character. Both missions can be played online and offline.

When you get to the latter missions, the required tasks are somewhat of a “mindless grinding”; but you tend to overlook these because the fighting sequences are so much fun. With respect to the game’s art styles and visual presentation, Dragon Ball Xenoverse looks impressive!

Characters sport real-time animations during the fight scenes, the accompanying stages are filled with great details, and there are lots of flashy aesthetics to keep action fierce and intense! In the audio department, the sounds are right up there with the visual elements. The gravity of punches and kicks connect in a convincing way and the blast from ultimate attacks deliver a satisfying destruction.

The Japanese voice-over work gives the game that closer anime feel, while the music provides some nostalgic support that you belong in the Dragon Ball universe. To sum it up, Dragon Ball Xenoverse is a great fighting game that stays true to its Dragon Ball series. The new spin on age-old stories provides enough interest to keep fans of the series happy…..for now.

There are loads of outfits to mix-and-match, and there is finally a bonus feature of being able to create your own custom characters! Of course, the main highlight is the gameplay itself with lots of action and a very fun battle system. The game do suffers from server issues, but other than that, it’s a job well done!


Emmanuel Flores

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