When it comes to sports, boxing is the most underrepresented pastime in PC history. With ESports Boxing Club, it could change all that, as the game is built by fans for fight fans.

The developer, Steel City Interactive, promises to deliver boxing like never before. It will include a high quality character-creator suite, a deep fighting experience with amazing attributes and discipline, as well as a growing roster of current and former champions, along with legends and rising stars!

There are seven Championship Titles in ESports Boxing Club. Many of you will be vying not just for the coveted Green and Gold WBC belts but for being crowned the Ring Magazine Champion. The game is constantly evolving. The excitement continues to grow. We hope to review it when the game comes out.

Kyle Johansen

Kyle is our youngest recruit who joined the team in 2019. He has been a gamer since the late 90's. His favorite hobbies are basketball and bowling. As an associate editor, he is responsible for writing reviews and posting various press media.