Many of you might be asking what in the world is RymdResa? To put it into a general perspective, it’s an emotive, captivating space adventure from indie Swedish developer, Morondag. The game fastens you in with its unique story-driven approach that is highlighted by audio logs in which it portrays what life would be like to be traveling alone in infinite space.

Much of the content is focused on exploring the depths of this procedurally generated universe, and at the same time, it tries to embrace you into a “poetic” journey through words of “reflection” and the sounds of “tranquility”. The gameplay itself is simple. There is nothing really complicated about your missions or your ability to control different ships.

All you need to know is that there are over 300 planets and landmarks to discover. Your goal is to live, last, and persist through the vast solitude of space travel. The game provides an aurally and visually appealing experience; this is meant to deliver a sense of peaceful relaxation.

That is not to say the game lacks hair-raising moments. As you know, the reality of life in space is a steady skirmish for attaining valuable resources. Adding to your adversity of survival is the dangerous forces that lurk in the darkness of galaxy.

Will you find valuable supplies or be thwarted by hostilities on that gloomy horizon in the distance? Herein lies the most exciting part of the game, in that you don’t know exactly where things are going to go. The only way to know is to set course for that direction.

You’ll have to explore this uncharted galaxy for yourself and take risks even if there is a potential catastrophe awaits. To make survival that much more challenging, your “resource” is your life-line. If that goes empty, then game over! One the fastest ways to deplete your resource is by colliding with asteroids.

Fortunately, you earn Space Points as you collect parts or critical items of importance. These Space Points can used toward acquiring new ships, which perform with better speed, power, and defensive system. What we like most about RymdResa is that the galaxy is different on each play-through. Hopefully, with a better ship and greater shields in place, your search for signs of life will ultimately pay off. In the audio department, RymdResa does an incredible job keeping up with the relaxing tone. We like how every exploration has its own unique soundtrack that adds a dynamic impression in discovering new things. The music presentation really drives the “poetic” journey home. After all, it’s about soothing the state of mind – not some rouge-like adventures. This is all thanks to the brilliance of the developer in how it furnish each content with artistry and abstract poetry in varying lengths, while moving through different worlds. The game is designed for those who can relish the twilight of human isolation. If there’s such a thing as a model for space odyssey, it’ be RymdResa.


Emmanuel Flores

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