Here is the lowdown on Starpoint Gemini 2 – a rewarding combat system with great battles filled with incredible action! It’s easy to get into once you read the tutorials and understand how the gameplay works; I highly recommend it if you are coming in as a first-time tactical space simulation player, especially being that there is so much information to absorb on the screen that it takes a bit of time in getting used to.

The essence of the game is quite simple; basically you upgrade your weaponries and defense mechanics, kill enemies and harvest their loots, sell equipment you don’t want and save the ones that can exponentially benefit you. As far as piloting goes, you get to fly your own ship and travel in this massive universe that consists of highways-like wormholes.

Since this is a simulation type of game, you are required to execute a lot of strategic planning. You will need to maneuver your ship properly to get the best shot at your target, while trying to adjust your speed, shield, and firing powers.

The interface does a fine job of working out those details and the game makes an effort of putting a good balance between fighting and customization; in other words, you’re not always going to be in combat mode; you’re also doing a number of tactical improvements.

When you’re fighting, you get a healthy dose of randomly generated missions, which keep you entertained and occupied. These missions can range from scanning for anomalies, blowing up asteroids, getting commodities to planets, and bringing around cargoes and passengers, to repairing damage space stations and hunting down bad guys with huge bounty payoff!

In the customization department, the game gives you plenty to tinker around. There are many upgrades for your ships, which include rail guns, plasma cannons, missiles, etc! You need to shop around for the best parts. All upgrades take place on a planet or station. When you visit a planet or station, not only can you do repairs and trade materials but also hire crews!

Hiring extra personnel will provide you with boosts on weapons or system performance like better ship engines and cloaking devices. Different planet/station offer different crew enhancements. The game looks awesome!

The models of the ships like dreadnoughts and carries are very meticulous; the special effects are Star Trek worthy. The presentation of the universe is very much alive as you encounter both friendly ships and deadly bogies.

It is truly fun to watch space blaze up the screen when all the weapons are unleashed in different directions, while you fly around trying to evade strayed plasma beams! The only gripe I have about this game is the slow camera at times, which can be hard for positioning.

Overall, the game offers a fun package that is not overly complex, a fluid combat system, and eye-catchy visuals. I am not much of a tactical/simulation space-shooter type of player but thanks to the balanced fighting and RPG elements, it has been a solid experience for me.


Emmanuel Flores

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