The late 80’s marked the beginning of a true gaming revolution. In every scuzzy region of the mall across America, there were droves of arcade machines. Street Fighter II was one of those arcades that received a lot of hype! There was no telling how many teenagers fell subject to gambling away what only allowances they had or cutting school just to get a leg-up on sonic booms and hadoukens.

Then the 90’s couldn’t come at a better time as the video game industry was skyrocketing! The arcade version of Street Fighter eventually made its way to 16-bit consoles and people started to really enjoy this port at the comfort of their home. Nowadays, the Street Fighter franchise is on every platform.

Capcom had to revamp its series to produce a Street Fighter that will fit our ever-evolving technological era; hence Street Fighter IV for the PC system; it came as the culmination of what the series was all about – easy gameplay, great animation, tons of characters to choose from, and most of all, it was just plain fun!

You couldn’t ask anything better for a fighting game that had been battle-tested to the core. Street Fighter IV was perhaps the greatest 2D arcade fighter that Capcom ever developed! Needless to say, Capcom has tried to up the ante and released Street Fighter V.

And true to its fighting tradition, the game performed incredibly well. Now you may be wondering what could possible be so special that warrants another installment on top of what is arguably the best Street Fighter version of all time?

Well, fans made several suggestions of what they like to see next. Capcom grabbed some of the requisitions on social media and turned them into arcade tidbits that soon shaped up Street Fighter V. It’s rare to see a franchise this long in the gaming scene to look continuously at ways to impress the video game masses.

Street Fighter V is, as expected, flashy and upbeat at its core. Finishing off an opponent with a super-move is one of the most satisfying feeling you can get out of a hard-fought round. These super-moves are unlike anything you have seen before!

One ensuing blast packs a wallop like the size of a planet! If you don’t block or get out of its way, you are toast! These types of powers are achieved through the new V-Gauge system.

It works by shifting your attacks according to varying levels of charges – which essentially unlock a stream of unique abilities that do massive damage. The other tricks that are included in the V-Gauge system are V-trigger and V-reversal. With these other new additions, the game feels quite incredibly refreshing.

From the fast-paced animation and artwork to the sound effects and background lightings, the Street Fighter series has never look this good! Thanks to the power of Unreal Engine, performing Critical Arts are quite seamless and it makes the delivery of long combo streaks satisfying, which can run up to 20 in a row!

The characters are 10x sharper and the unique costumes really drive the appearance of a rebel attitude home. But the fun factor has taken quite a hit when Capcom decided to remove Arcade mode in this version of Street Fighter. Instead, they have opted for online battles to compensate for the game’s missing core content.

The online multiplayer would have been great except the netcode is suffering tremendous lag. Another gripe many of you will encounter is the reward system. Points are now used to unlock some of your favorite characters.

Since it takes forever to earn those points, you’re being pushed to shell out cash you don’t have to get the fighters you want. It’s the same that goes for unlocking additional costumes and other regular stages. Despite these setbacks, the gameplay for “local” multiplayers remain intact.

The action sequences are very fluid as long as the combat takes place offline. There is no denying that Street Fighter V pushes the boundary of next generation graphics.

Even the new V-Gauge system provides exciting rounds of adrenaline charge to keep up with the arcade side of us. But is it worthwhile? If you’re looking at fighting locally, then yes! Otherwise wait for the game to be patched up and on discounts!


Emmanuel Flores

Emmanuel joined the team in 2004. He helped design the website during the time when video games magazines were still in print format. Besides writing reviews, he oversees content development, design production and mobile framework.