Strike Suit Zero is an old-school, fast-paced arcade shooter embellished with 21st century visuals. The story is relatively straightforward: Time is running out and Earth is facing imminent destruction. The enemy has destroyed your fleet except a few (Capital) battleships.

You are now humanity’s last hope and must develop into an ace pilot rather quickly to deal with the heavy odds stacked against you. To accomplish this incredible task, you are given a very rare space craft called Strike Suit.

The Strike Suit is a powerful transforming war machine (think of Mech Warrior meets Macross); it flies like a jet during Pursuit mode and changes into a fighting robot during Strike mode.

Though the gameplay can be repetitive at times, the dogfighting sequences are very good! Strike Suit Zero nails down a classic shooter: immersive combat!

Within minutes, the game puts you into action, engaging numerous agile ships, locking onto multiple targets and evading missiles like a crazy warthog.

Strike Suit Zero does a fine job of keeping things simple while transforming players into a badass pilot after pulling off such an impossible mission.

The flight controls can be somewhat complicated for newcomers. Fortunately, the game offers full support for the wireless Xbox 360 controller in place of the gawky keyboard. This way no gamer is left behind in the experience.

Some of the missions are quite difficult but that’s because certain ships take a lot of work to bring them down. The screen can get overwhelmed with red bogies. Building the right strategy and patience, you can overcome any objectives thrown at you.

The one aspect that’s disappointing is the lack of save at checkpoints. This is a huge stress factor for gamers since each stage is so massive that replaying a mission takes forever to complete.

Strike Suit Zero is primarily a single-player game but that doesn’t mean it’s going to run out of steam right away. There are enough gripping missions and brutal dogfights to keep you interested while aiming high for precious service medals.

Graphically, Strike Suit Zero looks good. Debris fly everywhere during gun battles and missiles light up the dark wretched sky. The developer did a good job at creating a “Star War” universe, complete with Earth-shattering battle-cruisers and tenacious warships that really drive the intergalactic effects home. The visuals won’t be so captivating without the gritty audio and the catchy soundtrack behind it.

Generally, old-school arcade shooters just make loud 16-bit noises but this one shoots for next-gen tuning. Strike Suit Zero is a must-have game if you enjoy the “old-school” era without the cheesy graphics. The game’s brilliant take on the glorious days of arcade shooting, charged with brutal dogfights, will surely attract casual gamers and skill-based players alike.


Emmanuel Flores

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