The Time Tribe is a point-and-click adventure game much like today’s Hidden Object Games (HOG) that has players exploring history, collecting ancient artifacts, and solving puzzles.

What makes this one interesting is the application of time travel to its cell-shaded visual design. The Time Tribe can be amusing if you give it some patience, as it requires certain mental effort.

We have had our share of playing detectives in HOG games through the years. What we learn for the first step in tackling any kind of difficulty is paying attention to details, which mean retaining key materials in your memory. Needless to say, you won’t face much challenge here as the game is aimed towards a much younger crowd.

The storyline is certainly intriguing to say the least. It involves four children who must work together to unravel an ancient mandate that binds them to one another and to the loved ones they have lost.

They soon discover that their chance meeting is no coincidence and learn that they come from a secret group of time-travelers called The Time Tribe. The Keep acts as your main lobby of your episodic adventure; it’s a museum full of bizarre cultural artifacts and ironically, it is also home to the four children.

The game runs on three major gameplay mechanics to keep the plot moving – that is talk, interact, and look. Use talk to open dialogues with other characters and collect information from them; interact to put together items or capture objects into inventory; and look to analyze objects in the background.

Part of what makes a HOG game so much more engaging is having great navigation, and Time Tribe does an incredible job of crafting that system. It’s amazing to see how we are able to move between rooms and find hidden objects easily without a hitch. Even the contextual options have excellent response when clicked!

Some of finer moments of Time Tribe come from the choices you made that shape your role in the game. Each character possesses a special skill that only they can use, which needs to be unlocked first. The game tries to pride itself in giving young players more content with its witty reward system.

You gain cash for completing certain tasks but doing so can take a toll on your energy. As you conquer different levels, you gain interesting new items that you can buy in the Shop and use them to decorate your enormous Chamber.

The decorating aspect is, in a way, a very primitive adaption of Sims 3. The game also includes mini-games to keep your adventure diverse and interesting such as mosaic matching, code breaker, and sliding puzzle to name a few.

Thanks to the fantastic artwork, your journeys through time come alive! And the best part is that Time Tribe is web-based, meaning you don’t need download an executable file to install it on your PC, which take up precious hard drive space.

Since the game runs through a browser, you can access Time Tribe on any PC anywhere at any time! Not to mention, everything is saved in the cloud, you’ll start off your quest where you left off.

The Time Tribe is a respectable point-and-click adventure game that has all the typical HOG components in one place. It has good visual presentation that provides young players a captivating insight into ancient history, as well as a incredibly solid navigation, which allow for easy analyzing and finding of rare objects.

These two key components along with clever mini-games should keep gamers of younger generation fascinated. The idea is to get kids interested in national treasures and other cultural views, which the game seems to be doing a good job of.

Knowledge is power. And the cost for paying for such a historic adventure is……….priceless! That is because the game is free to play online. Needless to say, Time Tribe would be a breeze for an advanced HOG player but for the novices, it is a job well-done!


Emmanuel Flores

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