The long awaited Van Helsing: Final Cut has finally hit the Steam store and the latest reviews are in with an overwhelming positive remarks! The Hungarian-based independent studio NeoCore has assembled one of the greatest Action RPG’s after the genre-defining Diablo 2. It started with Van Helsing 1 and then the much anticipated sequels followed each year.

The game grew and extended its incredible adventures through Van Helsing 3. New classes were added and each series generated an increasing multitude of followers in the same respect Diablo 2 had during its heyday. With the Final Cut, it redefines once again the foundation of Action RPG, giving it more charm and magic along the way.

As expected, Van Helsing: Final Cut improves upon the gameplay mechanics of the previous trilogy games. The character progression is much smoother and enhancing your character skills are more streamlined, which mean you’ll spend more time playing and less on customizing.

The character classes are divided into different parts, which should be familiar to you given they derive from Val Helsing 3 – Bounty Hunter, Elementalist, Protector, Constructor, Phlogistoneer, and Umbralist. The skills are ranked in three tiers with extending branches. The first one is readily available; the second and the third can be unlocked after reaching levels 20 and 40 respectively.

As for the branches, these are three linked skills from each of the tiers. Therefore, if you want to learn any skill from tier 2, you should have mastered the preceding skill from tier 1. Of course, completing the proper tier will net you not only a nice synergy bonus but also a possibility of power-ups and special upgrades!

The graphics are impressive. NeoCore did an excellent job combining the Steampunk atmosphere with Slavic-mythology. The enemies and terrains are designed with masterful efforts, surpassing visual details of other hack-and-slack competition in the same Action RPG market.

The gameplay is quite linear and you will perform many quests that are typical of this genre; but thanks to the clever story-writing, your adventures or quests never really get boring. In addition, having a great interface and full-controller support provide casual players clear and fun exploration throughout their offline and online journeys.

Yes, the game now has offline and online modes. Playing online gives you access to the new end-game content, which includes Daily Quests, Events, and Scenarios; all online activities are saved onto NeoCore’s cloud server. Offline session allows you to play with friends beside the Story mode. The only difference between offline and online is the access to end-game content.

One of the best highlights of Van Helsing: Final Cut is having your faithful companion, Lady Katarina by your side. She is an immortal ghost who has her own set of skills and attributes with deep background story that will unfold during the game.

She has the ability to fight in various tactics (melee, ranged, or ghost form). She can also take duties that are sometimes too tedious for your own merit like selling items for example.

In addition to that, she brings life to your quest with her rather sharp remarks! The bottom line is that this latest Val Helsing game will keep players entertained. NeoCore has done an amazing rendition of a gothic-noir universe that sets off players truly in an epic adventure.

The replay value is very high as each character can be played several ways having not just 24 skills at your disposal but also attaining passive Auras, which stretch your powers. If you love fantasy with great direction in cutting monsters and witchcrafts, Van Helsing: Final Cut is the way to go.


Emmanuel Flores

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