Phantom Galaxies is an open-world mech combat game. Your mission is to save humanity from the alien threat.

To do that, you will enlist in the elite Ranger Squadron and pilot a Mechanized Starfighter to defeat the Sha’Har, a mysterious and warlike civilization intent on extinguishing mankind.

As a young Ensign, you will need to defend Neoterra by strapping into transformable mecha ships equipped for both terrestrial and celestial combat.

Master an array of vessels, including the stealthy and agile Lancer, melee-oriented Breacher, the balanced Assault class, and mobile artillery Buster suit.

Upgrade your components to tailor each ship and forge the ultimate war machine to lead the forces of humankind. Unlock new skills, abilities, weapon configurations and more to tailor mech rigs for every situation at hand and blow away any adversaries.

You will travel across stunning star systems, exploring sectors inhabited by pirates, scavengers, and rogue factions.

Take on bounties and smuggling missions in seedy backwater black markets or hunt for rare precious materials scattered across asteroid belts and abandoned mining facilities.

But be cautious! Every choice the player makes will ripple across the colonies, impacting the ensign’s reputation and influencing how Phantom Galaxies’ narrative branches and unfolds.