In this digital age, people from all walks of life are spending more and more time on their “computers.” While you can accomplish an enormous number of tasks sitting all day long, what price does the body pay for the convenience? Let’s face it: too much screen time can easily lead to work impediments.

That’s why today we have amazing gadgets that will bring comfort and balance to your workspace, no matter where it is. It starts with two of the most frequently used word processors: a keyboard and a mouse!

The top pick for our workspace productivity goes to the Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 400. Not only does this keyboard provide the right ergonomics, but it’s also great for large hands.

It comes with a cushioned palm rest that promotes a relaxed, natural angle for typing. The keys are well-placed with easy access to media control, email and web browsing.

It’s one of Microsoft’s finest products, with a performance that can survive the test of time! In terms of gaming, it can definitely handle MMOs and ARPGs. For first-person shooter, leave that out the door.

The Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 400 will set you back $300, thanks to inflation. But if you want something similar, the Logitech Wave Keys 920 will do an identical job for less than $70.

The Logitech Wave Keys 920 features a wider wrist pad, a smooth keyframe, and wireless technology that can switch between a Bluetooth connection and a Logitech receiver.

One of the highlights of the 920 is sleek compact design, which takes up less space. The keys are soft but not as quiet as MSNE Keyboard 400. There is no lag time on each keystroke, which is perfect for fast typing.

The palm rest is comfortable, and the slight curvy layout really aligns well for small to medium hands. The best part of this product is the battery life. It can last up to six months!

The keyboard also offers other great additional features. You have the convenience of the function keys, power button, and various media controls at your fingertips.

The Logitech Wave Keys 920 is certainly pleasant to use, but unfortunately, there is no light on the caps lock to indicate whether or not you are maintaining the capital letters.

Last year, we wrote about the perks of owning a vertical mouse to enhance productivity. Today, we are following up on that and adding newer models to our end-of-year top picks.

As consumers, we are always looking for great devices that fit our budget. But choosing the right product is not as easy as anyone makes it out to be. So, we ran some tests, and here is what we found.

The first one is the Nulea M504 vertical mouse. It features four adjustable DPIs that can be adjusted between 800, 1200, 2400, and 3200, so you can meet the demands of various tasks at hand.

It comes as a plug-and-play running on a generous 6-foot USB cable, so you will never have to worry about replacing its battery…ever! Also worth mentioning is that the Forward and Back buttons are built-in as handy little tools if you want to improve browsing and workflow.

The M504’s design is angled at 57 degrees, which provides the most effective way to adopting a natural grip position. However, it can take up to a day or two to get used to that kind of ergonomic casting.

What appeals to us the most about this product is the unique glow that goes around at the edge of it. The best part is that the light can be changed in 11 different ways to elevate the mood of our workspace, let’s say from grumpy to inspired.

Now that we hav at least 400 hours of work sessions on this mouse, Nulea M504’s performance is quite good, albeit with a bit of fine tuning on the window settings. The M504 fits medium to large hands, and because it’s lightweight, your wrist will be happy knowing that you’ll ease up on its tension.

Ideally, this mouse is made for productivity, but it should not hold you back from gaming. It’s fine if you are just touching up on your puzzle games or doing some light MMOs; but you definitely should cross out any heavy FPS titles off the list.

Our second pick on the list of top-notch ergonomic mice is the Artek MD172. If you are familiar with Logitech’s MX Master 3S, then you know it’s a must-have accessory.

Just like the MX, the Artek MD172 works wirelessly on any surface, even on plastic mat! It offers the same satisfying feel, including those ultra-quiet clicks!

The MD172 can connect to either of the following: Wired via USB cable, Bluetooth, or the accompanying USB-C receiver. This is very useful when you frequently move to different machines, as you’ll have less interruption when setting up the device.

In terms of performance, it provides the same remarkable speed and precision as the MX counterpart. The scrolling is fairly smooth and about 70% faster than with a traditional mouse.

The MD172 comes with a forward and backward button, which are optimally located for easy browsing. The battery lasts about 4 months on a single charge. The lithium battery is built-in, so there is no need for separate purchases.

The best part of the MD172 when compared to the MX Master 3S, is the price! MX costs $100, while MD172 is about $25, and it comes with all the features a big name brand an ergonomic mouse can provide.

That’s all the tips we can give you guys to start the new year. We’ll have more for you in the coming months. In the meantime, happy working!