The announcement of the sequel to the award-winning Horizon Chase, one of the most successful arcade racers of the last decade, is coming to a PC near you. Gamers from all ages will again enjoy its fast-paced mechanics as well as its accessible gameplay in a super colorful and highly detailed art style.

Horizon Chase 2 features multiplayer modes that are going to exceed the experience of the first game in every aspect. The excitement will begin by allowing players to assemble their own crew with other players to progress together or compete head-to-head with players around the world.

You will race in 55 tracks distributed in 5 countries while trying to unlock several hidden cars. You will be able to customize the paint and choose a variety of options for parts as you upgrade your stats throughout the World Tour. There will be dynamic events that spring up rewards when you participate in new challenges every two days and engage in tournaments where players compete in modified races to be crowned best in the world.