Celebrating its 60th anniversary, Sega is giving away some cools games. One of them is called Streets of Kamurocho. The game is a tribute to its past arcade collection. It has the familiar Streets of Rage feel, wrapped in the Yakuza series trimmings in its core.

The controls are pretty basic, comprising of individual buttons for punches, kicks and super move. If you’re savvy enough, you can spam the dash attack, which can help you get out of a tight situation. Oh, by the way, don’t get trigger happy with the super move. Each time you perform it, you lose a portion of health.

If there’s one thing I am disappointed at, it would be that there are only two stages available throughout the entire game! The levels get recycled as you progress through each round. But the round gets harder each time you prevail. It becomes repetitive!

Fortunately, the game comes with a two-player co-op so that’s going to be a great brawling session. Besides, it wouldn’t be called a Sega classic without having the ability to team up with a buddy and smash through all numb nuts you see along the way.

Another great game worth getting, on Sega’s 60th Anniversary giveaway, is the Golden Axed. It was part of a reboot by Sega Studios Australia (to bring back all of the Sega Classics IP.) Unfortunately, the Australian studio was scrapped and with it their project Reborn never came to light.

Sega releases this Cancelled Prototype free as a treat to fans who supported them through the years. The game itself is really fun but it’s just one level of hack and slash action. The controls are easy with added brutality into the mix. So if you grew up playing Golden Axe series in the 90s, you’ll feel at home.

Interestingly enough, this Golden Axed also has a co-op mode, so it should give Sega fans a lasting impression even though the game doesn’t have much replay value. To wrap up the 60th anniversary, Sega is giving away Sonic the Hedgehog 2 on Steam. You should all get it before it’s gone for good.