Project Wingman is an ace combat type of game that emphasizes on pure dogfights using TrueSky technology to render the grits of aerial warfare. You’ll fight over the toughest terrains, from the cold waters of the Bering Strait to the brutal deserts of the far Orient.

Players will be put through a test of never-ending cloud of explosions when you face adversaries, like a giant mechanized fortresses and railgun cannons that are above your pay grade. You’ll get unique weaponries, ranging sniper-like missiles to geothermal-powered armaments at your disposal.

You have to earn enough money to not only upgrade your planes, but build an army of mercenaries in order to take on waves of increasingly difficult opposition, while taking on a myriad of changing missions. Project Wingman is geared towards casual gamers who are into jet-fighters with an VR support.